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Spektrum Extrait

Everything that comes from the hands can become a form of art, which takes shape through the creativity of those who, with skill and passion, define a work through their instrument.

Making the body a canvas to allow colors and lines to take shape through a complex system of aestheticizing signs such as tattoos. The art of knowing how to engrave that snapshot of life on the skin, through the hands of those who wanted to transform their talent into a profession, creating emotions in images and smells.

A past among the flowers, where the colors and scents are engraved in the memory, to then carry those sensations in the hands that they were able to artfully define engraved on the skin.

Spektrum Extrait was born from its deepest craftsmanship, fusing the art of creation between indelible nuances and perfumes on the skin. A made in Italy that contains strong, indelible notes, which lie lightly on the skin like petals but which leave an impression of strong and immortal uniqueness.

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