rue madam paris

Rue Madam Paris

From a trip to the Côte d’Azur, the panorama, the colors that paint a landscape that transmits refined, subtle and delicate sensations … This is where Rue Madam Paris is born, an Italian sense that takes shape from the borderline blend of sophisticated French Haute Couture to ‘joining Made in Italy craftsmanship.
Desire to express oneself through the senses, allowing the possibility of wearing accessories that bring back an elegant charm, adding notes of essence to an all-exclusive outfit.

Rue Madam Paris presents its new line of eau de parfum fragrances, signed by a young Italian nose, passionate about raw materials and pure essences, of quality and excellence.
On tiptoe, you enter the scene with delicate, gourmand and enveloping notes, refined and persistent like a high fashion garment, which acquires value over time.

Cotton Vanilla, a soft touch on your skin, peach and caramel blend with the intensity of coconut, in the base a sandalwood binds to the tonka bean settling on a sumptuous panna cotta.

Fleur de Glace, an aristocratic fragrance that takes us to princely atmospheres. The earthiness of the tomato leaf joins the surreal lily of the valley, wrapped in amber and woods, for an ethereal and golden atmosphere.

1782, in that year the shirt went from a nightwear to a garment for both men and women. A passage from uniqueness to universality, like the notes of the fig leaf, the candid jasmine and the iris which in its purity fall in love with woods and amber. Finally, a rain of coconut flakes seals this pure pyramid.

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