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Private Mood

Private Mood

Private Mood was born in 2010 out of the desire to create gourmand jus that would satisfy the senses.

sulmona essenza

Sulmona Essenza

Sulmona Essenza tells the story of a motivated woman who successfully fulfilled her childhood dream. The perfume was born in 2008 from the combination of an olfactory memory, the passion for perfumes and the love for his city: Sulmona, a splendid urban center in Abruzzo.



Much more than a simple room spray. With its refined and sensual oriental fragrances, it offers a unique olfactory experience, giving an identity to the spaces.

lord & berry

Lord & Berry

Lord & Berry is an inspiring brand with a contemporary approach to make-up that goes beyond the boundaries of cosmetics and has transformed it into a fashion accessory.

Its design products aim to inspire confidence in one’s beauty.



Intended for women and men of all generations, Li Quandisa is a line of natural products that help you preserve the well-being of your private parts.

i profumi del marmo

I Profumi del Marmo

The different fragrances of I Profumi del Marmo®, with their distinctive characteristics, convey an intrinsic meaning and, when combined, compose an olfactory itinerary that crosses the territories of marble, its transformation and manufacturing art.

rue madam paris

Rue Madam Paris

Desire to express oneself through the senses, allowing the possibility of wearing accessories that bring back an elegant charm, adding notes of essence to an all-exclusive outfit.



The scent of the secret gardens of Marrakesh and their intoxicating fragrances are the basis of these perfumes made with totally natural raw materials, enclosed in a leather packaging handcrafted by local people.


Spektrum Extrait

Spektrum Extrait was born from its deepest craftsmanship, fusing the art of creation between indelible nuances and perfumes on the skin.


"Beautiful reality. I found myself very happy to collaborate with you, your brand offer for the world of luxury cosmetics is fantastic."
"I didn't know who to turn to to find really good products in the cosmetics sector. Then I found you!"
"Always available and attentive: a pleasure to collaborate with you."

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