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Blue Vision was born in 2017 as a single-product distributor in the cosmetics and perfumery sector.

In 2019 we decided to make our company more dynamic and competitive. We have thus gone from a simple single-product dealership to a multi-brand distributor, acquiring prestigious Italian and foreign brands (Benchaabane, Epicò, Lord & Berry, Li Quandisa, Five Lands).

This notable expansion of our commercial offer, has not only allowed us to gain more accreditation on the national and international scene, but has also made our sales network stronger and more competitive.

Today, Blue Vision is obtaining an increasing attractive value both in terms of the acquisition of increasingly qualified products and mandates, and in terms of its sales capacity and market penetration, not only nationally.

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"Beautiful reality. I found myself very happy to collaborate with you, your brand offer for the world of luxury cosmetics is fantastic."
"I didn't know who to turn to to find really good products in the cosmetics sector. Then I found you!"
"Always available and attentive: a pleasure to collaborate with you."

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